home     about     eco idea’s     photo gallery      testimonials     contact                       hartwig builders Home     About   Green Concepts     Photo Gallery     Testimonials     Contact welcome to a better way to improve your home tm hartwigbuilders@yahoo.ca 778 896 4119 Hartwig Builders firmly believes in a vision for a healthier and sustainable tomorrow. With using environmentally friendly products and building practices we can all help Mother Earth and build a better future for our children. hartwig Builders takes great initiative and pride in the many techniques and technologies we have implemented and devised to make homes and renovations green and energy efficient. The benefits are: · A smaller (Carbon) footprint on our environment....local products, using the three R's... etc. · Healthier internal home environments ....Allergy Minimizing ie: hardwood flooring (recycled), clean heat distribution, low/no VOC...etc. · Huge energy savings on reoccurring monthly costs and Green based improvements that increase the resale value of your home. · Government Energy Savings grants. · Global Impact: Reduced Water and Energy usage. We are firm believers in the Three R's : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We do our best to provide solutions for environmental concerns. We invite Eco Friendly Practices, and we encourage our clients to donate their used materials/hardware to Habitat for Humanity, to continue the recycling momentum. We also consider ourselves leaders when it comes using materials that are least harmful to the environment and minimizing renovation waste. It is important to us to make sure all remaining waste material from each renovation is dealt with in a conscientious and authorized manner. Take advantage of our expertise to make your home easier on the environment and better for you and your family. Here's just some of the many environmentally friendly and efficient/money saving concepts that Hartwig Builders can implement towards a greener tomorrow and for your next renovation: water saving systems , 98% energy efficient heating systems, the three R's : Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, Off the Grid systems etc........ •active & passive solar systems • living roof and many more, please feel free to ask . Contact us today to get more ideas on how you can go GREEN , INCREASE your INVESTMENT and SAVE MONEY at the same time.  hartwigbuilders.com 778-896-4119 Designed By Lisa @ 4 Less Web Design